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The Building

Solar Aspect

The buildings are designed in such a way that solar exposure is maximised to a high amount of apartments. Many apartments have North facing glazing, living areas an master bedrooms.

Landscaping and Gardens

On of the biggest focuses of Jardin is the inclusion of extensive landscaping and gardens. We have 2 large rooftop terraces which combined have are over 1,000 sqm in size and include vegetable and herb garden beds, semi mature planted trees and recreational spaces. In addition to the rooftop terraces we have extensive garden beds and landscaping to the ground floor walkways and areas between the buildings.

Rooftop Solar

Photovoltaic solar panels installed on rooftop which will power the body corporate electricity.


Jardin is located within walking distance to shops and public transport. At Jardin, residents can live locally thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

The Apartments

Hanging balcony gardens available for each apartment

Rooftop solar panels

Rooftop gardens with mature trees

All apartments designed with maximum solar access to living areas and bedrooms

All apartments have a minimum energy rating of 7.2 stars and an average of 8.5 stars

Double glazed windows to all apartments

High energy rated electric reverse cycle air conditioning to all apartments

LED lighting throughout

Bamboo timber floors available to all apartments

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